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Stevia Cultivation


Stevia Cultivation


SOHOM Provides Stevia Cultivation Consultancy Services. Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana) commonly known as sweet herb. Stevia is a natural sweetener, calorie free alternate of sugar. The extract of stevia is known as Stevioside. The plant is native to (Paraguay) South America. Stevia cultivation is done throughout the world in little to large level. Stevia cultivation in India is increasing day by day. SOHOM provide solution for stevia cultivation, processing and marketing. Stevioside is the 300 time sweeter than sugar. Stevioside is good for the diabetic patients.

Stevia is one of the most profitable crops for the coming future. As the crop is only source of natural sweetener. The people are being less hard worker that why they need calorie free substitute of the sugar. The artificial sweeteners are problematic for the long term consumption. In the countries like Japan and Korea, stevia sweetener contribute 50% market share.

The stevia crop is propagated by the seedlings. SOHOM can provide you the stevia seedling (plants). You will require the 30000 seedlings per acre. SOHOM provide the complete consultancy from cultivation technology, planting material supply, nutrient management (manure), water management (drip irrigation installation), and the most important one the Buy back. We provide buyback before starting the cultivation to our growers so that they can be ensuring at the marketing side.




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