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SOHOM provides comprehensive Architectural and Engineering Design services encompassing all specialized fields required to successfully Design and Construct a single or a complex of buildings. SOHOM’s Design results in an Architecture that is relevant to this Region, employing the State-of -the-Art Technology available in the World. While Design Excellence and Quality of Aesthetics are of paramount importance to SOHOM, a thorough process of cost reduction methods is adhered to throughout the design and construction periods on all SOHOM projects.


Project Types include: Residential, Commercial, High Rise, Office, Educational, Institutional, Cultural, Recreational, Hospitality, and Healthcare Facilities.

Commercial & Retail

SOHOM has vast experience in commercial and retail developments—complexes that combine luxury with functionality, safety, and energy efficiency. We have a detailed understanding of the business and regulatory challenges faced by developers and property owners around the globe, including the need to control development costs while maximizing the return on investment. Depending on our client’s needs, SOHOM is able to lead an entire building project from planning to commissioning and operation, or to provide specialized services at any point in the development cycle. Our services include project and construction management; architectural, civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and drainage design; and building engineering.

High Rise


SOHOM contributes to the design and construction of high-rise structures, Collaborating with internationally renowned architects, SOHOM”s design engineers, project managers and construction managers bring the highest level of technical innovations to allow high-rise structures to become viable, and for all buildings we work on to be usable and comfortable spaces for their occupants.


SOHOM always support the increasing sophisticated needs of clients who are building larger, multi family apartments, safer and more energy-efficient buildings, by providing advanced mechanical and electrical (M&E) designs.


SOHOM’s specialist services for high-rise structures include sustainability and green building systems design; fire engineering; high-speed vertical transport systems engineering; intelligent building management systems design; plant room layout and location planning and design; project management; construction management; and security monitoring and control systems design.


SOHOM regularly focus on enhancements; with our expertise in condition assessments, renovation design and adaptive reuse, SOHOM teams help our clients uphold today's standards for safety, convenience and aesthetics.


Hospitality/Hotels & Resorts


Hotel and resort developers worldwide turn to SOHOM for our expertise in large-scale building projects that often include not only hotels but also indoor and outdoor swimming pools, health clubs and spas, entertainment facilities, casinos, and retail. Clients demand high-tech facilities that are environmentally responsible and meet international expectations for safety, reliability, and enjoyment.


Our mechanical and electrical engineers, architects, and structural and civil engineers bring worldwide experience to projects that are often on the fast track to completion. In some cases, we work with the client to integrate design standards from multiple countries – from the client’s base to the country in which a new property is being constructed. We can assist developers in maximizing profits by conducting value engineering and advising on alternative materials and procurement methods to reduce construction costs.


Mixed Use Developments


SOHOM TEAM leverages its expertise in commercial, residential, and recreational facilities to support large-scale mixed use developments that are designed to appeal to different users. We understand not only the varying expectations of users, but the need to integrate different functions into a single complex with a distinct identity. We have provided professional services to developers, financial institutions and government agencies on numerous mixed use developments, and have contributed to projects that enhance the skyline of some of the world’s largest cities.


Residential Developmens


SOHOM provides all Modern residential developments combine a host of features, from core architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems that ensure day-to-day functionality, to intelligent building systems designed to promote comfort, safety, and efficiency. SOHOM also provides all project management and construction management services on residential developments.