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CEO & Managing Director


For our SOHOM and much of the world, the principal challenge of 2009 was to turn crisis into opportunity. With a global financial meltdown affecting jobs and bottom lines across the globe, businesses, governments and civil society organizations had to be creative, find efficiencies and adapt. Although the challenge continues in 2011 & 2012, at SOHOM we are pleased to report that we were able to make good use of the crisis/opportunity to redesign our structures in a way that will better serve our continental strategy and mission for the future. Certainly our mission of sustainable development with our smart Green mantra “INSPIRING GREEN KONCEPTS” has been more relevant.

I think 2009 reminded us all of how interconnected we are and how insufficient our national and international mechanisms are in dealing with the spiralling complexity and variability that we see all around. As we move into the second decade of the new century, we can take nothing for granted. Whether it was erratic commodity and food prices, the general disappointment with the Copenhagen climate conference, or the spectre of political instability returning to INDIA, events made it clear that citizens, governments and international bodies must find new ways to organize and perform in the new global context. The alternative is to jeopardize the hard-fought achievements of current generations and offer only deteriorating conditions to future ones.


In this global context, India has an increasingly influential role to play. Nothing makes this clearer than the climate challenge. Across the region innovative models for valuing standing forests and ecosystem services are serving as a reference for climate policy, it is becoming increasingly obvious that India is not only a region blessed by nature in terms of forests, fresh water and biodiversity, but is also a source of innovative thinking and experimentation in prosperous, green, low-carbon development. Surely this is a defining moment for the future of India and the world, whether the subject is climate, economy, natural resources & Infrastructure.SOHOM is pleased to be playing a role along with its all responsible allies within the region and beyond, marshalling its resources to tip the balance across the Sub-continent towards a more sustainable future. We were pleased to support and participate in a number of heartening achievements in changes for Green Infra services.


SOHOM is now working with a network of organizations to raise citizen awareness and involvement in the energy debate in order to make sure the politicians follow through by making the best energy decisions in a transparent way for INDIA’s future. I am privileged to chair a committed Board whose members I want to thank for their dedication. The Board in turn offers its appreciation to my beloved Chairman Mrs. Roopa Pradeep Etike, for its ongoing orientation and financial support. SOHOM professionals are creative, award-winning, environmentally and socially conscious, and keenly aware of our clients' needs. We are an exciting, dynamic, and innovative firm that values diversity in our workforce and welcomes new talent and experienced professionals with the same enthusiasm. We have created an exemplary work environment that promotes technical excellence and professional development while maintaining the highest ethical standards and superior service to our clients around the globe.

SOHOM also want to recognize the institutions with whom we have allied to expand key elements of the continental strategies we support. Finally, we want to thank the SOHOM team and all of our partners and allies across globe that are on the front lines seeking to change things for the better to the benefit of this generation and the next. The achievements in this report are all yours, congratulations! We look forward to continuing our work together in 2012 and beyond. Regardless of the reason you decided to visit our site, we hope you will come away with an understanding and appreciation of the kind of firm we are, the values we share, and the kind of people we are. And we hope you'll come back again.


Er. Pradeep Kumar Etike