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SOHOM Contracts & Quantity Surveying (CQS)




SOHOM CQS even take up turn-key- contracts to develop the projects from all independent & reputed clients. SOHOM completes the allocated project in scheduled time to enhance the company profits and thus enabled us client satisfaction, and make the company to a successful in professional chain link.


Quantity Surveying:

SOHOM CQS is made up of a high ratio of Chartered Engineers & Quantity Surveyors and with a vast 
level of expertise in different aspects of QS services. Our SOHOM office has a CQS Department able  to offer full QS services to all SOHOM internal projects or as an independent Cost/ QS Consultant. In Quantity Surveying we offer expert services in construction procurement, management and  Construction costing services. Our services are specific to our clients' needs and are proactive. BUILDING ECONOMICS AND COST PLANNING: Advice on the economics and costs of construction at the early stages of a project including Investment Appraisal and Risk Analysis. Preparation of detailed cost budgets based upon a functional analysis of the Client's requirements. Costing of design development and alternative proposals to ensure adherence to the overall cost limit. Calculation and implementation of cost limits. Preparation of cash flow and inflation forecasts. 


PROCUREMENT: Advice on the alternative procurement routes which might be available.



Advice on the appropriate form of tendering procedure and documentation including selection of Contractors. Preparation of Activity Schedules, Bills of Quantities, Schedules of Rates and Specifications for all elements of building and civil engineering projects. Determination and preparation of Employer's Requirement documents for Design & Construct projects. Examination of tenders and preparation of tender reports and assembly of Contract Documents.



 Preparation of cost estimates for post-contract variations and forecasts of anticipated final costs. Preparation of regular financial statements and cash flow forecasts. Measurement and valuation of work in progress including the valuation of authorized variations. Preparation of recommendations for regular interim payments on account. Preparation of final accounts including measurement and valuation of variations, adjustments to nominated subcontractors accounts. Agreement of final accounts with Contractor and preparation of reports for the Client. 


Bills of Quantities

This tender document is used for larger construction projects where tenders are being sought from construction companies as opposed to small builders. The Bills are produced in accordance with the Standard Method of Measurement and produced in a format in order that all professional estimators and quantity surveyors readily understand it. Rates are therefore obtained for all items of works on a unit rate basis and this is built up to form the contractors tender.


Budget Estimates

Once an outline scheme proposal has been developed a detailed budget estimate will predict the overall cost. We will also set out the specification that has been allowed for in the budget and how the cost is allocated to the specification. These enable the client to make choices before the design is too far developed to influence the design to achieve cost targets. The design can then be monitored and any anticipated changes in costs advised as the scheme develops.


Builders Quantities

These are produced for building contractors to assist them in producing a tender and running a project. These are not produced in accordance with any particular rules and are therefore not suitable for obtaining competitive prices. These can be produced extremely quickly and efficiently at minimal cost.  

Cash flow Forecasts Once an acceptable tender has been obtained. A predication of how the contract sum will be expended on a monthly basis over the contract period, based upon the Contractors programme, can be produced.


Claims Consultancy

In the event of a dispute arising we can advise on all aspects of Adjudication and Arbitration. We can prepare claims on behalf of Clients, Building Contractors and Subcontractors. We can act as expert witness in a dispute and present our case in court.Contract Preparation The basis of any construction contract should be a Standard Form of Building Contract issued by a recognized body. We will advise which standard form of contract should be used and explain relevant clauses to Clients where required. Once an acceptable tender has been obtained the contract has to be prepared with care to ensure that the intentions of the parties are fully reflected in the documentation.


Cost Plans

This is an expansion of the Budget Estimate to provide cost allowances for each element, labour and material. This is particularly important to Contractors and the Construction Management service.


Dispute Resolution

It is not always possible for the parties to reach agreement on a construction project. The contract makes provision for this and will generally set out the means by which differences are to be resolved. There are several alternatives depending upon the contract, for example Arbitration, Adjudication. These processes are meant to negate the requirement for full legal proceedings if possible, thus saving both time and money.


Employers Agent

On Design & Build Contracts Clients need an agent who understands construction, building contracts and costs to act on their behalf. We can act as Employers Agent and ensure the project is carried out to your satisfaction.


Feasibility Studies

Usually carried out before site purchase to establish whether the project is financially viable. Normally include broad estimate of construction costs including all fees. By reference to a valuation surveyor we can compare costs to end value.


Final Account

After the works are complete we will prepare a Final Account stating the final project cost detailing any changes to the cost of the project.

Financial Statements As the works proceed on site we will produce regular Financial Statements which keep the client up to date with the estimated final cost of the project.


Schedule of Works

For works which in construction terms are not large and are likely to be executed by a ' builder ' rather than a large construction company a Schedule of Works can be produced which is easier for builders to understand rather that the more complex Bills of Quantities. The Schedule will describe the works in a readily understood format that the tenders will be able to price on an item-by-item basis.



A Materials and Workmanship Specification, usually based upon the National Building Specification, can be produced. This may be produced in conjunction with an Architect or Engineer. Alternatively these professionals may produce this specification themselves.


Tender Appraisal

Once tenders are obtained we then check each of the tenders to ensure they are comparable by adjusting for alterations made to the tender documents by tendering contractors. Tender prices then need to be compared with tender periods offered by Contractors


Tender Documentation

All aspects of Tender Documentation including preliminary letters of enquiry. Forms of Tender, Specifications/Schedule of Works/Bills of Quantities produced quickly and efficiently. The tender documentation will include all details of the Form of Contract, Contract Conditions and information relevant to the site.


Tender Lists

Whatever the size of the works we can locate suitably skilled and reliable Building Contractors in order to obtain Bona Fide tenders.



During the progress of the works we will value the works executed, usually on a monthly basis, using the priced contract documents and agree the cost of any variations to the contract. Our valuation is then usually passed to the project Architect for certification on which basis the Client will pay the contractor.